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How often as Coaches do we remind ourselves about WHY we coach?

Our latest offer, the Coach Development Workshop, is generating interest across a number of clubs and we are currently delivering our 3rd Workshop since we made our network aware, a month ago.

Amongst the often chaos of organising, logistics and admin, coaches can sometimes find themselves in that space only, when ultimately they have come into Cricket Coaching TO IMPROVE A CRICKETERS SKILLS AND FOR THEM TO ENJOY AND REMAIN IN OUR GAME. Our club specific workshops get back to basics and deal specifically on the key aspects of Batting, Bowling, Fielding and Keeping - technique! No registers, paperwork, admin and whatsapp groups to check in with! Simply come along and remind yourselves about cricket technique and consider ways to develop it. The informal interactive workshops are simply about that! Wayne Barclay from Chorley CC comments:

“We need to ensure we get the basic techniques right in our cricketers, from early, or by reinforcing and challenging those techniques if they are already in place. The workshop looks specifically at those basics and ways and ideas to develop them or challenge them. Simple, interactive and a fun few hours talking technique with other coaches and helpers from Chorley CC. We recommend this to clubs who want to ensure their coaches are supported” Book your clubs Coach Development Workshop now by emailing

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