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Coaches Corner: Hitting poor bowling

How often do you and your players practice hitting poor bowling effectively?

In training sessions we always set bowling machines up, feed or tee the ball in “optimal positions” but hardly ever practice the other stuff. Im sure you have heard the old analogy before, that rubbish gets wickets, this is very true! Its usually down to the fact that we cannot deal with it effectively or, do we know how to?

In this particular drill we have the baseball stand to replicate either a “long hop” or a “full toss”. The players are tasked with hitting this ball into certain areas. This will then be progressed into live feeds to practice possible challenges a batter may face in a game.

It is extremely important that we try and prepare our players best we can. By facilitating different challenges for the players to overcome. This enables their problem solving capabilities and gives them the opportunity to find their own way.

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