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New Partnership with Vernon Carus Cricket Club

We are delighted to announce our work with Vernon Carus Cricket Club for the 2023 season.

Following on from an approach from the club to ourselves, it’s been very clear from initial conversations, following up meetings and the intentions within the clubs Cricket Development Plan that the club wishes to create an environment of organised, structured and relevant coaching at both senior and junior level. With our experience and comprehensive list of programmes and offers, we are delighted to be able to deliver against the clubs aims.

Our FCCC Coaching Team for the programme is as follows:

Danny Gilbert / ECB Level 3 Coach - Co-Director FCCC: Danny will attend an agreed number of senior outdoor training sessions and work specially with individuals or small groups as agreed by Captains and Dave Wilson.

Bobby Denning - ECB Level 4 Coach / Co-Director FCCC: Bobby will oversee Senior Pre - season training.

Dave Wilson / ECB Level 2 Coach: Dave will co-ordinate, plan and deliver Senior Outdoor Practice.

Roger Garlick / ECB Level 2 Coach: Roger will co-ordinate, plan and deliver Junior Outdoor Practice working alongside existing helpers and coaches .

Bobby and Roger will deliver a Coach Development Workshop prior to Junior Practice starting.

Danny and Bobby will arrange regular review meetings over the summer across the Coaching Team and The Club to ensure the programmes are having the impact they need.

FCCC will also advise The Club on Cricket Development matters captured within the Cricket Development Plan.

We cannot wait to get started the club and assure everyone of our commitment to creating a professional coaching environment across Seniors and Juniors

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