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Fylde Coast Cricket Coaching "Cap" Award

At Fylde Coast Cricket Coaching we have had an excellent first 12 months working with 50 local cricketers on either winter courses, 1:1 sessions or Cricket Camps. Some players have attended one of our programmes , some have attended all 3.

All of our players are very much part of the Fylde Coast Cricket Coaching family with strong relationships developed across players and parents.

To develop this further we have now launched our Fylde Coast Cricket Coaching “ Cap” Award.

This is very much an individualised Numbered Cap and will be awarded to any FCCC player for consistent significant performances.

The criteria for being awarded the Cap is currently being worked up and players will form part of FCCC web stories / social media exposure and will also receive additional coaching benefits by being a

“ Capped Player “

We are proud to launch the FCCC Cap which will certainly need to be earned.

This will be very much be the focus for a full 2021 season , but we may see significant consistent performances in 2020?

Who will be the first ever Fylde Coast Cricket Coaching Capped Player ?

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